Error right after connecting

Dec 18, 2012 at 4:47 PM

While I am able to connect through SQL Server Management Studio to my local SQL Server 2012,  I can't do so from my Visual Studio 2012 C# code or SSAT.

SSAT shows the following error, which I am unable to find any documentation on:

Felix, don't panic, I'll help you with your login problem.
Trying to open connection to the server "TW_FELIX_DEV"...
Connection to server "TW_FELIX_DEV" was successfully established!
Setting up XEvent session for server "TW_FELIX_DEV"...
[SqlException]: The event action name, "sqlserver.database_context", is invalid, or the object could not be foun

What does sqlserver.database_context mean? I connected using Windows Identity, with admin rights on the windows 8 machine.

Thanks for any help.